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Author Topic: Mexico - LMB - Naranjeros de Hermosillo vs Sultanes de Monterrey - January 20th, 2021  (Read 63 times)

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Mexico - LMB date: 20/01/2021  hour: 02:00
Naranjeros de Hermosillo Sultanes de Monterrey
Tip Under 7 runs
Odds Stake 9/13 2.5
 Reasoning ...

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We go until the LMP to the game between the NARANJEROS de HERMOSILLO and the SULTANES de MONTERREY.
 We are going to the sixth game of the series between NARANJEROS and SULTANES, a series that has the NARANJEROS on top that today could go to the grand final if they manage to win, otherwise, tomorrow we would have a seventh and definitive game, today's game and the possible tomorrow would be here in HERMOSILLO.
 The HERMOSILLO stadium is much friendlier for pitchers, here the first 2 games of this series ended UNDER, 2x0 and 2x1 were the markers. If we go further back and see the series of NARANJEROS before DEER, we see 3 UNDERS in 3 games, in these PLAY OFF in HERMOSILLO they have been pure UNDERS.
 Today has all the earmarks of being another game with a few RUNS and that is that EDGAR GONZALEZ and CESAR VARGAS will be launching, both of very good performance in the regular season, in these PLAY OFF they have also done very well, both of experience and level to wait for a good pitching DUEL.