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Author Topic: USA - MLB Spring Training - Atlanta Braves vs Minnesota Twins - March 2nd, 2021  (Read 21 times)

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USA - MLB Spring Training date: 02/03/2021  hour: 19:05
Atlanta Braves Minnesota Twins
Tip Win Atlanta Braves
Odds Stake 4/5 1
 Reasoning ...

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We continue with the preseason after a very good day today. I go with an early pick and we have Atlanta at 1.8 in their confrontation with the Twins, which I like enough not to wait for tomorrow.
 Twins keep inviting people to this spring training for testing. They are not playing with many starters at bat to test prospects and even people with no places on their rosters, as is the case in this game where we are going to see pitchers like Charlie Barnes, Derek Law, Brandon Waddell and Ian Gibault. Just knowing that those 4 pitchers are going to have time on the mound, the Braves bet is interesting but we also know that they will not have much starter at bat.
 Atlanta is slowly making its star players have at-bats, with the exception of good old Freeman who has not yet debuted this year. We have Ian Anderson starting for the Braves, a talented young pitcher whom I am looking forward to seeing this year.
 I am not going to elaborate much more. I always mention that in spring training I don't waste too much time writing the picks since you just have to see certain advantages to cheer up with a team, and here my selection is Atlanta.
 Good luck!