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Author Topic: Australia - People Choice Classic - individual vs individual - January 13th, 2019  (Read 176 times)

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Australia - People Choice Classic date: 13/01/2019  hour: 07:15
individual individual
Tip Winner: Peter Sagan
Odds Stake 3/1 1
 Reasoning ...

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We go with the victory of Sagan in this classic that is rather a criterium, the total distance is 1 hour and 1 round the circle, more or less about 50km.
 There are 3 clear candidates for the bookies, which are Ewan, Viviani and our pick Sagan, but with this style of career I would dare to say that Viviani is one step behind Sagan and Ewan, since she does not like the idea of get on the wheel of your train, and always look for themselves, and in a criterium of these can pay, that makes Sagan to perfection, but Viviani is often relegated thanks to that, as for example last year exactly in this same race and same route.
 Between Ewan and Sagan have won the last 3 editions of this classic, Sagan won last year and Ewan the previous 2, but Sagan's 4.5 share has a lot of value, considering that it should be on par with the Caleb fee.
 To this we must add that Caleb Ewan has just changed equipment, and it may cost a bit to adapt to his new train and the bike.
 It is the start of the season, and that is why it is difficult to get wet with something more stake 1 in these sprints, with the running of the stages, the situation will be clarified, for now stake 1 with this number that we hope will be given.