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Author Topic: Internacional - BDO Campeonato del Mundo 2019 - Richard Veenstra vs Scott Waites - January 9th, 2019  (Read 447 times)

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Internacional - BDO Campeonato del Mundo 2019 date: 09/01/2019  hour: 22:00
Richard Veenstra Scott Waites
Tip Scott Waites + 180s (no draw)
Odds Stake 5/6 1
 Reasoning ...

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Octaves of end in the world-wide one of the BDO between the English Scott Waites and the Dutch Richard Veenstra.
 Match that appears very even. Richard is 5 in the world and Scott is 9 who was world champion in this tournament in 2013 and 2016.
 Both have done a good year and have the potential to do 180s, although in my opinion English does it better.
 Richard comes to win comes from winning suffering a lot to Nigel Heydon 3-2, deciding the game in the decisive leg of the last set. Although the game went to a lot of legs, I finish doing 8 180s.
 Scott had a simpler game and won 3-1 to Jeffrey van Egdom and although he had a poorer average than his opponent today, he finished with 8 180s in the match.
 In a shorter match without opposition he did the same as his rival today. It has more potential. I find the +10.5 180s interesting in the match, but when it comes to the BDO I'm never going to over in anything.