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Author Topic: Poland - Ekstraklasa - Warta Poznan vs Slask Wroclaw - December 13th, 2021  (Read 3896 times)

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Poland - Ekstraklasa date: 13/12/2021  hour: 18:00
Warta Poznan Slask Wroclaw
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 Reasoning ...

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 I came across this game by chance and I liked to get into it, so here I go.
 The Warta is penultimate, this season he has played 17 games and has only scored 11 goals, as a local it is even worse than as a visitor, 4 goals in favor as a local and 7 as a visitor.
 In his last 10 games he registers G1 E2 P7 and has only scored 3 goals for the 16 received, also at home he has 12 games without winning (E5 P7) and has only scored 8 goals for the 18 received.
 The Slask is not a great team either, it is the 9th of 18 teams and in the league it reaches 29 goals in favor and 26 against, in its form it registers G6 E6 P5. It is currently the team that has seen the most overs with 12 overs and 5 unders, so I hope to see some goals in this match and not from the local team.
 In his last 10 games he has a record of G4 E1 P5 (almost the same as away G3 E2 P5) and has 20 goals for and 19 against.
 As an important fact, these teams have met 7 times and none have finished with the Warta victory, the record is G4 E3 for the Slask.
 In short, a team that barely scores and finds itself in the ranking well and another that scores a lot more and is in the middle of the table, I think a local victory would be very surprise and a draw something to take into account for what in the event of a tie, the forecast would be void and to move forward.