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Author Topic: Spain - Russia Superleague - Norilsky Nickel vs MFK Sinara - January 17th, 2021  (Read 121 times)

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Spain - Russia Superleague date: 17/01/2021  hour: 11:00
Norilsky Nickel MFK Sinara
Tip Win Sinara handicap - 1.5
Odds Stake 3/1 0.5
 Reasoning ...

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I go to the always attractive Russian futsal Super League where this time we are going to need the visiting team to win the game by 2 or more goals difference for the green.
 As the quota indicates it is not an easy task, perhaps here one of the most reliable picks would be the away win with a +0.5 handicap but as in sport there is nothing written, I am going to be encouraged that the visitors are capable of taking the game with at least 2 goals difference, without a doubt Sinara deserves that confidence.
 As you already know, in Russia 2 games are played in 2 days in a row on the same court and against the same rival, today the first of them played with a 4-2 victory for Norilsky Nickel, it might seem that it makes no sense then to go with this pick but I have my reasons for it and I'll explain it to you below.
 Norilsky Nickel is not a bad team, it is the current cup champion and this season is showing a level at the level of Sinara, I mean Norilsky Nickel at the level of Sinara and not vice versa because the superior team by template and history is Sinara and although Norilsky Nickel won today, the game had a tremendous equality and just as today it has fallen for the locals, tomorrow it may fall for the visitors without any doubt.
 Something very common in Russia is that the match on the second day is very different from the previous day, this is because the team that loses the first match usually changes the approach after analyzing what has led to the defeat on the day above and in this Sinara is one of the best teams.
 Right now Norilsky Nickel is 5th in the table with 30 points while Sinara is 2nd with 38 points, yes, Norilsky Nickel with 2 more games.
 Norilsky Nickel is the 5th best home team while Sinara is the best away team so far this season, he was already able to tie the 2 home games of the solid leader KPRF and I have no doubt that he is capable of tomorrow win this game.
 This season they met in the Cup with a 5-4 victory for Norilsky Nickel on his track and a 7-3 victory for Sinara on his track.
 In short, we have a game with 2 teams of a very similar cut in which I expect a lot of equality until the final stage, it is a game that I think will be decided by details and before that I feel that the experience of Sinara should be key for the green, in the first game Norilsky Nickel was up on the scoreboard from the beginning and that helped him a lot, if Sinara scored first tomorrow it would be very rare for Nickel to turn the score around.
 So let's try to catch another big quota this month.
 Good luck to all.