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Author Topic: USA - PGA TOUR: Masters de Augusta - individual vs individual - April 5th, 2018  (Read 3173 times)

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USA - PGA TOUR: Masters de Augusta date: 05/04/2018  hour: 14:30
individual individual
Tip He will finish among the best 20: Henrik Stenson
Odds Stake 5/4 2
 Reasoning ...

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Hello pickboys.
 Today begins the Augusta Master of this year 2018.
 Georgia and the golf universe awaits the successor of our Sergio Garcia for the fight of the green jacket.
 Only three times the title was revalidated in the whole story, but it is true that Sergio does not arrive at his best, at least in comparison with other players like Rory (favorite), Dustin Johnson (1), Justin, even Jason Day
 But we are going to focus on today's forecast.
 One of the quotas that surprised me for this Master is the quota above par, so that the Swedish Henrik Stenson is among the top 20.
 Precisely today, the "Loco" Stenson, birthday and comes in a good state of form, even as to take it into account for the top5 (€ 8) and much more for the top10 (€ 4.5), but let's go to try to go to the fairly safe with the top20 in this tournament.
 Henrik comes in 14th place in the ranking.
 He has already occupied the second place, he has been two months in the top3, eight months in the top5, more than two years in the top10 and almost five years in the top20.
 He is a player who already knows the circuit of Georgia, and one of those who will be playing his bid for future editions.
 Sum 11 victories in the European Tour and 5 in the PGA.
 One of the reasons why I think the bet is good and regular results in 2017.
 After winning the British Open in 2016 has been a very stable player in all that has competed.
 He has been in top10 for several years in several competitions.
 British Open.
 1 * in 2016
 2 * in 2013
 3 * in 2008 and 2010
 PGA Championship
 3 * in 2013 and 2014
 4 * in 2008
 United States Open
 4 * in 2014
 9 * in 2009
 As you can see, several top 10 in important tournaments.
 Why will not it be well placed in this?
 Today begins with an extra happiness for his birthday and taking into account that the Master 80 players will compete, a top20 seems to me quite viable.
 Good luck to those who follow and be encouraged in favor of the Swede.