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Author Topic: USA - WGC-Bridgestone Invitational - individual vs individual - May 26th, 2018  (Read 5473 times)

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USA - WGC-Bridgestone Invitational date: 26/05/2018  hour: 18:00
individual individual
Tip McGirt wins comparative
Odds Stake 13/10 3
 Reasoning ...

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 greetings such!
 before starting to make clear that the tournament is PGA TOUR: ¨¨¨FORT WORTH¨¨¨ Invitational (United States)
 OK !!!!! (In the section to create forecast does not appear)
 Bet on the 3rd Round of the FORT WORTH Invitational, we offer several comparatives among golfers (1x2) in this case.
 McGirt vs Kirk ...
 watching the outcome of the first round (round) and the second (round) McGirt some slip on the 7th hole (on a +3) as the 14 (+2) even in the first round ended the pair (70) correcting established errors with several birdie in the holes 8,12,13, after his nefarious hole 5, and with a double-bogey (+2) in the 14th except the first round in 70 hits (to pair),
 the second round of McGirt was surprising after the mistakes made the previous day as he solved the mistakes committed in said holes previously mentioned (5 and 14), hole five kept it at -1 (after a +3 in the first round) and the 14 that went to the pair (first round +2) finished the second round with three birdie on the 7th hole (-1), 9 (-1) and 10 (-1), so that a very good second round of McGirt his second round worth it to start the third round between the 25 best of the tournament, good job!
 Kirk: The first round of kirk was great started with an ogey (+1) on hole two with 5 strokes of 4, and culminating with several birdie on 6 holes (4,6,7,12,15y16) leaving Another bogey in the 18 (+1) the first round was left with 66 shots made a very good return ..
 the second round started well several birdie in the hole 1,4,6, maintaining from hole 6 to 11 the pair, the 12 went with a bogey (+1) and in the fucking hole 14 he went with a double-bogey (+2) that hole 14 he screwed a +1 in the 15 to finish it upset him to be now among the top 10.
 watching the development of both players, would not rule out the option of McGirt to 2.30 to take this duel of golfers in this 3rd round ..
 william McGirt wins 3rd round comparison .. (FORT WORTH¨¨¨ Invitational). ........................