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Spain - Copa del Rey date: 15/12/2021  hour: 21:00
Atletico Sanluqueno CF Villarreal
Tip Villarreal Asian Handicap wins -1
Odds Stake 3/5 1.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I am going fast with this forecast in which I think that the quota will end up going down in the course of the day.
 Match of the 32nd final that faces At. Sanluqueño and Villarreal.
 The At. Sanluqueño plays in what was previously the 2nd B division and is in 6th position, struggling to enter the Play Offs for promotion.
 They come off a good winning streak in the league, and in the Copa del Rey they beat Sabadell 2-0 in the previous round.
 Villarreal, for their part, has just qualified for the Champions League against Atalanta, in a game with ups and downs and from winning 2-0 at Rayo Vallecano in the league, having had a good campaign so far.
 There are several factors that I like to go with this forecast.
 The Sanluqueño field has dimensions very similar to Madrigal, 105x65cm, by 105x68cm, that is, only 3 cm wide is the difference. Besides, it is made of natural grass, so it favors us too.
 And of course the 2 categories that separate both teams. Nothing to say about the bottom line of Emery's team.
 We will surely see a very similar team to the one that endorsed Victoria in the Cup 8-0, with players like Asenjo, Mario Gaspar, Alberto Moreno, Iborra, Alcacer, Chukwueze ... Almost nothing.
 To win the bet, Villarreal has to win 2 goals, while if he wins only 1 goal, the bet would be void.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

International - Euroleague date: 10/12/2021  hour: 21:00
Barcelona Real Madrid
Tip Laprovitola +3.5 assists
Odds Stake 19/29 2
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I'm going fast with this forecast.
 Match between Barcelona and R. Madrid. Both teams are tied for victories, occupying the first and second places in the Euroleague, that is, whoever wins today remains the leader alone.
 Unlike the previous year, both squads arrive on equal terms, the quality of the rosters having matched up a lot. If it is true that Barcelona arrives with the casualties of 2 of its best men, Higgins and Calathes.
 Unlike Laso's team, which arrives with its entire squad available, except Alocen and T. Thompkins.
 I even think that despite playing at the Palau and the favoritism granted by the quotas to Barcelona, by sensations R.Madrid is more likely to win.
 The forecast is that Nico, a former white player, has at least 4 assists.
 The fee is somewhat low, but in other houses the line is marked at 4.5.
 I like this bet because Calathes is not there and in the last 2 Euroleague matches he has reached 8 assists. You already know how the 'ex's law' works, and today there will be many on the track. Heurtel, Hanga, Mirotic, Lapro ..
 I think that despite the fact that Madrid is one of the best defenders in the competition, Nico can reach 4 assists.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

Spain - LaLiga date: 12/12/2021  hour: 16:15
Osasuna Barcelona
Tip Osasuna +3.5 corners
Odds Stake 4/5 1.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I go with this forecast for the game that faces Osasuna and Barcelona on Sunday.
 To win the bet, Osasuna must take at least 4 corners.
 Osasuna is being one of the revelations of the league, a fairly compact team that puts a lot of pressure on the rival team to get the ball out.
 They are located in the middle of the classification, if it is true that they are not going through the best moment of the season, they come from drawing and losing several consecutive games in the league, but of course, they have faced Madrid, Atlético, Real Sociedad, Seville .. superior teams.
 On the other hand, Barcelona, which has just lost in Munich 3-0 and was left out of the eighth of the Champions League, going on to play the Europa League.
 They are going through a critical moment, with some players well below the level expected of them and with a coach who still has a lot of work ahead of him to reverse the situation.
 To all this we must add the loss in defense of Jordi Alba, who was injured in the Champions League game and will surely not make it to Sunday's game.
 In defense they are suffering a lot this year, I think that the pressure from Osasuna can make it very difficult for them and generate many dangerous opportunities.
 Osasuna at home is always a difficult team with the support of the fans, added to the bad moment that Barcelona is going through, I think this 3.5 corner line proposed by Bet365 can be overcome.
 Osasuna served at home in the last matches:
 -5 corners vs Elche and Real Sociedad
 -4 Corners vs Granada
 Away from home against rivals 'similar' to Barcelona:
 -4 corners vs Atlético and Villarreal
 -3 corners vs Real Madrid.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

International - Champions League Grp. E date: 08/12/2021  hour: 21:00
Benfica Dynamo Kyiv
Tip Dynamo Kyiv +3.5 stops
Odds Stake 7/10 1.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I'm going with another forecast for today's day in the Champions League, taking advantage of the national holiday and the weather to be able to analyze.
 Let's see that the Dynamo goalkeeper makes at least 4 stops today.
 The explanation is simple, we expect a game where Benfica comes out from minute 1 to win the game to try to get on track as soon as possible to go to the round of 16.
 The Dynamo comes to this match with 1 point out of 15 possible so far, in the last position of the group.
 Benfica comes third with 5 points, 2 behind Barcelona with 7 points.
 The key to this forecast is that Benfica is only worth victory to qualify for the next round.
 Barcelona, their rival in the group, plays in Germany against Bayern Munich, which normally does not win, so it would be enough for Benfica to win at home, with the support of their fans to get this pass to the second round .
 I expect a game in which the Dynamo suffers a siege from the locals from the beginning, so the more shots made by Benfica, the more chances of saves by the Dynamo goalkeeper.
 I hope Benfica will be around 17-20 shots.
 The prognosis would be complicated if Benfica go ahead quickly and put distance in between, on the other hand as they do not manage to put the first until after the first half hour, there would be many possibilities that the pick would come out.
 I don't get much into previous statistics, since it is a totally different match from the previous ones.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

International - Champions League Grp. G date: 08/12/2021  hour: 21:00
Salzburg Sevilla
Tip L.Ocampos +0.5 shots on goal
Odds Stake 1/1 1
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I'm going fast with this bet that has caught my attention.
 We need the Sevilla player to shoot 1 time or more between the 3 clubs.
 Little to say about today's game that other teammates have not said in the previous predictions.
 Somewhat unusual situation in this group where all teams can qualify for the round of 16.
 Sevilla visit Salzburg in what will be a life or death duel, where we will see each of the 22 footballers lose their skin from the opening whistle.
 I go with this forecast for the moment so that the Argentine Lucas Ocampos is going through, he comes from scoring the winning goal against Villarreal on the last league match day, the goal that gave the victory against Córdoba in the Copa del Rey match. Rey and set good performances in the last games against Real Madrid at the Bernabéu and against Wolsburg in the penultimate day of the Champions League where he gave an assist that allowed Sevilla to arrive with opportunities for today's match.
 If we analyze his last 5 games, the only game where he did not shoot was on Wolsburg day. Against Villarreal, Córboba, Real Madrid and Alavés, he would have given us the green. The statistics are quite favorable having shot on goal in 4 of the last 5 games.
 Today he will have to take a step forward and if Sevilla wants to go to the second round, I have no doubt that Lucas will try several pitches. I would have opted for the +1.5 shots (without having to go on target) but the 1.55 fee is worthless.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

International - Champions League Grp. E date: 08/12/2021  hour: 21:00
Bayern Munich Barcelona
Tip Bayern Munich Asian Handicap wins -1
Odds Stake 9/8 1.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I go with this forecast for the last game of the group stage that faces Bayern Munich, already classified having won all previous games, and FC Barcelona, which has 7 points and needs the victory to go as second to eighth in case Benfica win in the other match in the group.
 We need Bayern to win by 2 goals, the bet being void if they win by 1 goal and red if Barcelona win or draw.
 Bayern Munich is one of the favorites to win the European title, they have one of the most complete squads and despite the fact that they will be first in the group no matter what happens on Wednesday, they are a team that never drops the rhythm.
 One of the factors that led me to go with this forecast is the 'controversy' with the golden ball that Lewandoski has not won, where colleagues like Muller have already come out saying that Bayern is not respected and that they will do everything possible to reverse this situation by doing a good job in all the games, and that the first to suffer the consequences would be Barcelona.
 Little to say about the Bavarian team, which has players like the aforementioned Muller and Lewan, plus the Sané, Coman, Kimich, Goretzka and company, capable of sweeping the team in front of them.
 Despite the fact that the game is played with empty doors, I think they are far superior to Barcelona.
 They come from winning 2-3 at the home of Dormunt this Saturday, where they punched on the table in the game that played the lead away from the Bundesliga.
 On the other hand we have Barcelona, whose game has changed little despite the arrival of Xavi to the bench, who seemed to be going to solve the problems that the Blaugrana team is going through with just his presence, but we have already seen that it is not enough (What things).
 In the 4 games that Xavi leads the team, in 2 of them they have not managed to score and only in Villarreal they scored more than 1 goal, without going any further this Saturday they lost 0-1 with Betis in their field.
 The pace of the game is quite slow and the players are not giving a performance typical of a benchmark club in Spain, we could save Dembelé when he comes off the bench and Araujo in defense, the rest quite discreet.
 I think that Barcelona is a step below Bayern, and that despite the fact that they risk their lives and need 3 points, they will not be able to win at the Alianz Arena.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

Spain - LaLiga date: 04/12/2021  hour: 21:00
Real Sociedad Real Madrid
Tip Real Sociedad 11 or more shots
Odds Stake 11/10 2
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

Good Morning.
 I'm going with this forecast for the great game on Saturday at 9pm that faces Real Sociedad and Real Madrid in Anoeta.
 We need Real Sociedad to shoot at least 11 times, it doesn't matter if they go on target, go off track or bounce off a player.
 There are several factors that I like for this forecast, the first of them, that it will be a match where the Real wants to show that they really have options to be up there for the rest of the year and that better for this to face the leader, the Real Madrid.
 They have players like Isaak, Oyarzabal, Januzag, etc ... who are very dangerous from midfield up.
 The second reason is the field where it is played, the Real did a remodeling in the field, bringing the stands much closer to the grass, not as it was in the past with the athletics track that made the stay of the visiting teams somewhat more peaceful.
 The blue and white fans have always had a special dislike for Real Madrid and they are quite hostile games, so they will have very great support.
 Another reason is the physical state of Real Madrid, they are playing very demanding matches every 3 days, with hardly any rest, we already saw how they ended the match against Athletic this tired Wednesday and next week they will face Inter in champions and Atlético de Madrid in the league, almost nothing.
 Ancelotti has only 14 players, with 10 fixed and then rotating between Asensio and Rodrygo.
 Surely they will play the same as against Athletic, but Carvajal will enter instead of Lucas.
 I think it will be a very nice game for the fans, in which the 2 teams will have enough chances to score and where I think that the Real should reach the line proposed by the style of play they have and also counting on the factors that he explained before: Tiredness of the whites, support from the fans and that rhythm that they will want to impose to show that they are candidates to be at the top.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

Spain - Copa del Rey date: 01/12/2021  hour: 21:00
Panaderia Pulido Real Sociedad
Tip Real Sociedad Asian Handicap wins -3.5
Odds Stake 7/10 2
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I go with this forecast before the handicap goes up or the quota goes down.
 Confront Panaderías Pulido against Real Sociedad, teams that play in the 1st Spanish division and in what would be the 3rd Spanish division, that is, 4 categories of difference between the two.
 Yesterday we saw how the cup matches that faced teams in the same situation, the difference was abysmal as is normal, since professionals face against 'non' professionals.
 Another thing that I like for the handicap to come out is that the game is played on the Las Palmas field, with natural grass and with dimensions similar to Anoeta, favoring Real much more. If it were played in the field of the bakeries, which is made of artificial grass, things would change.
 Imanol, as usual in cup matches, will rotate in the starting 11, but even so I think Real must win by more than 4 goals.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

International - Euroleague date: 02/12/2021  hour: 20:45
Real Madrid Maccabi Tel Aviv
Tip Real Madrid -2.5 1stQ
Odds Stake 6/7 1.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I'm going with this forecast to start the LT for December.
 Match between Real Madrid and Maccabi on matchday 13 of the euroleague.
 Real Madrid occupies the 2nd position of the euroleague, tied for victories with their eternal rival, Barcelona.
 This year they are curdling a wonderful season in the league, only the slip they had at home against Granca, and in the Euroleague, they add all victories except the away defeats against Olympiacos, where they were fatal from the 3-point line, and against him Unicks, the biggest surprise so far, where they came tied with 2 minutes remaining in the game.
 They have for me the best team in the competition, nothing to envy Efes, Milano and even Barcelona.
 On the other hand we have Maccabi, who comes seventh with 7 wins and 5 losses.
 Of the last 4 games, he has only added 1 victory against Monaco, and he has lost the last 2 against Alba and against Olympiacos.
 It is a rather irregular team, with top players, who if they have the day they can destroy you, as happened to Barcelona.
 Let's go with the bet data. Real Madrid overwhelms its rivals in the first quarters, if we analyze the last Euroleague matches, we have results in these quarters:
 -Baskonia (Away): 14-25
 -Estrella Roja: 16-13 (First half horrible del Madrid)
 -Asvel (Away): 24-33
 -Zalguiris (Home): 20-11
 For Maccabi, the last 2 games in this period have suffered 2 defeats:
 -Alba: 21- 17
 -Olympiacos: 35-8
 Let's hope they come out plugged in from the first second and win the first quarter with a minimum of 3 points.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

International - Euroleague date: 02/12/2021  hour: 18:45
Fenerbahce Monaco
Tip Win Fenerbahce Asian Handicap -4.5
Odds Stake 3/4 1.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I'm going with this forecast to start the LT for December.
 Match between Fenerbache and Monaco on matchday 13 of the euroleague.
 Fenerbache occupies the penultimate position of the standings (Yes, there are no errors) after 12 games. They come with 3 wins and 9 losses. The team is not hitting the mark this season despite the great players it has.
 To give them a cape, if it is true that they have already faced teams like Madrid, Barcelona, CSKA, Milano, Efes ... but that is no excuse, they have to wake up and do it NOW.
 With players like De Colo, Vasely, Booker, Polonara, at their best level they should easily beat Monaco and more at home.
 On the part of Monaco, they come from a narrow victory against an Asvel plagued by casualties the previous day. It is a very irregular team, occupying the 11th position in the table with 5 wins and 7 losses.
 Its star player, Mike James, will lead the team but hopefully he does not have his best day, this year he is not seen to shine as much as seasons ago.
 They have players who can do a good job like Motiejunas, Hall, etc.
 I think that Fenerbache with the team they have, playing at home and needing to get out of the well where they are stuck should start to win games like the one on Thursday.
 Line that is a bit short for me, let's hope that the Turks win at least 5 points.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

USA - NBA date: 29/11/2021  hour: 00:00
Memphis Grizzlies Sacramento Kings
Tip Sacramento Kings win
Odds Stake 16/11 1
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I have 2 picks left to finish the month of TL, so I'm going with 2 NBA picks even though it's not my specialty.
 Match between Memphis and Sacramento.
 It is marked by the loss of J.Morant that we do not know how much he is going to lose, it seems that he has a somewhat dodgy sprain, it comes to Memphis fatal because he had been the leader of the team. Maybe it comes back at the end of the year or it comes back a little later.
 They come off a somewhat negative streak, right now we don't know who the team's reference is.
 Sacramento is coming off 2 consecutive victories, they have improved somewhat but not any wonder either.
 Today's game is very important for Sacramento because they face a direct rival.
 They need the best Fox, who scored a great game against the Lakers.
 I think the loss of Morant in Memphis is decisive, who does not defend anything lately.
 Fox will have much more freedom and Kings will try to implement a high pace that can be decisive.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

USA - NBA date: 28/11/2021  hour: 23:00
Indiana Pacers Milwaukee Bucks
Tip Win Milwaukee Bucks
Odds Stake 4/5 1.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I have 2 picks left to finish the month of TL, so I'm going with 2 NBA picks even though it's not my specialty.
 Match between Indiana and Bucks.
 On the part of Indiana, they come from beating Toronto making a great game in defense and attack.
 The key for today is that they have some plan to stop Gianis, I think Sabonis cannot with Anteto, to see what man they use to end that problem.
 Another aspect that can decide the game is the rhythm. If they try to implement a high rhythm it can still take its toll and play against them, because sometimes they go very crazy.
 On the other hand, Bucks comes from 6 consecutive games winning that has a lot of merit, although this has a trick, they come from beating Denver without Jokic and without anyone, against Detroit, against Orlando 2 times, against OKC and against Lakers. Indiana is a similar profile to these teams that has won due to its irregularity.
 Anteto I think it will do a lot of damage today, but they do not have to trust themselves.
 I think it will be a contested game but if Bucks plays as he knows, if they know how to stop the Indiana paint they should take this game.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

England - Premier League date: 28/11/2021  hour: 17:30
Chelsea Manchester United
Tip Chelsea +14.5 shots
Odds Stake 11/18 2
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

Match between Chelsea and M.United.
 Since the arrival of Thomas Tuchel last year, Chelsea is a true steamroller, they have a very compact block of great players and it is a team that when it prints its rhythm of play literally overwhelms you.
 Last year they already won the champions league, beating City in the final and this year they lead the premier league in what will be a beautiful dispute between City, Liverpool and them.
 If we see their shooting data in the last games we would have 5/5 green:
 20 Vs Juventus
 16 vs Leicester
 25 vs Burnley
 22 vs Malmo
 19 vs Newcastle
 United comes from adding a victory very suffered the Villarreal field this week, which leaves him with many options to finish leader of the group, but the sensations he leaves are not the best.
 Suffers a lot on defense and is not as well-armed a team as Chelsea.
 Today I expect a match totally dominated by Chelsea and with many arrivals that could end in spikes.
 As for data on shots received, we have 2/5 green:
 13 vs Villarreal
 20 vs Watford
 16 vs City
 10 vs Atalanta
 9 vs Tottenham
 None of the previous teams is at the level of Chelsea, perhaps the M.City, who in a match that dominated from start to finish with large sections of the match playing from side to side, fired 16 shots.
 I look forward to a match where the line proposed by the Blue team is exceeded.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

Spain - LaLiga date: 27/11/2021  hour: 21:00
Villarreal Barcelona
Tip J. Alba at least 1 auction
Odds Stake 15/14 2
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

I am going to try this share that catches my attention.
 For the bet to be a winner, Jordi Alba, a Barcelona player, must shoot at least 1 time during the match that faces Villareal and Barcelona this Saturday at 9pm.
 I really like this bet for the following reason. In this week's Champions match between Barcelona and Benfica, Xavi, Barcelona's new coach, tried Jordi Alba as a left winger.
 I think that due to the number of casualties that the Blaugrana team is dragging, they still have a few games ahead occupying this position. The shot does not matter if it is on goal, goes off track or is blocked by a rival defender.
 I would also see value in the bet even if Jordi occupied his usual position, as a left-back, because he is an attacker and is always on the edge of the area in Barcelona's attacks.
 But playing as a winger I see that it is a bet that has great value.
 Good luck to those who follow her!

Spain - LaLiga date: 28/11/2021  hour: 21:00
Real Madrid Sevilla
Tip Kroos 2 or more shots
Odds Stake 7/10 1
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

Match between 2 of the leaders of the Spanish league.
 This Sunday the 28th, Real Madrid and Sevilla face each other at the Bernabeu.
 Real Madrid comes to seal the classification for the 8th of the Champions League this Wednesday at the Sheriff's field and as leader of the league with 30 points.
 Sevilla come from beating Wolsburg at home, doing their homework to qualify in the last match of the group stage.
 In the league they are 3rd classified with 28 points, 2 behind Madrid with the same matches played.
 I go with Real Madrid's German midfielder, T. Kroos, who finishes twice during the match.
 Spikes can go on target, go out or be blocked by opponents.
 Kroos has the following shots in the last 5 games:
 -Sheriff: 2 shots
 -Granada: 2 shots
 -Lightning: 1 shot
 -Shaktar: 1 shot
 -Elche: 3 shots.
 We would have 3/5 green in the last matches.
 I like the forecast because Kroos has been playing very well and in recent games he has also scored a few goals. He is a very complete player who has a very good shot. In a difficult game such as Sunday's, he will surely take more than one shot from outside the area.
 Good luck to those who follow her.

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