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Author Topic: Internacional - Campeonato del Reino Unido 2021 - Luca Brecel vs Zhao Xintong - December 5th, 2021  (Read 812 times)

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Internacional - Campeonato del Reino Unido 2021 date: 05/12/2021  hour: 14:00
Luca Brecel Zhao Xintong
Tip Victoria Luca Brecel
Odds Stake 18/19 0.5
 Reasoning ...

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2021 UK Championship Finals.
 A special final that will bring us a champion outside the UK. The Belgian Luca Brecel or Zhao Xintong.
 We have chosen Luca because as I have said in previous prognostic tournaments, if Luca plays as he knows it is crazy. What happens is that the Belgian is thrown offline most of the season. Let's hope to see a more consistent Brecel from now on because Snooker can win a lot with a player like this.
 As for the match itself, Zhao is also surprising but I think he still lacks a draw for a final of this level. The same could be said of Brecel, however and despite the fact that the result was tighter, when Brecel entered the table with force against Kyren, we saw a level (demonstrated in several hundreds and high breaks) that was not appreciated so much in the other semifinal where it seems to me Hawkins was not at the level of a match of this entity and where little we could put Zhao on the ropes to think that he was capable of winning great games. I think he will not be able to with the pressure of a great final and that Luca will manage to overcome it.
 Good luck with such an enigmatic ending.
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