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Author Topic: Internacional - Campeonato del Reino Unido 2021 - Robbie Williams vs Ronnie O'Sullivan - November 27th, 2021  (Read 974 times)

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Internacional - Campeonato del Reino Unido 2021 date: 27/11/2021  hour: 14:00
Robbie Williams Ronnie O'Sullivan
Tip Ronnie O'Sullivan +1.5 hundreds
Odds Stake 6/5 0.5
 Reasoning ...

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We dive into the second round of the UK Championship and focus on Ronnie's match that starts at 2pm.
 Ronnie is the clear favorite to win today's match. He faces Robbie Williams, a mid-level player ranked 68th in the world rankings.
 The favoritism is such for Ronnie that to find a valuable quota for his victory we would have to go to Ha -3.5 so he would have to win the match by 6-2 or more difference.
 I am not a lover of Ha so long, despite being games at the best of 11 frames and it is quite likely that that -3.5 will come out at odds of 1.90.
 I therefore prefer the number of hundreds of Ronnie, they are the line at +1.5 so we need 2 hundreds of the "rocket" to take the green.
 I see Ronnie very focused and wanting to have a great tournament, something that on the other hand he already plays. In the first game he already got those two hundred we need for today and he did them in the first two frames.
 It is not easy to get hundreds, but there is nothing impossible for the rocket, which is more than capable of getting two, three and the hundreds it wants, if it has the inspired day. As he has one of those gray and apathetic days, which on the other hand would not surprise us, we will have a bad time so that he reaches two hundred, but with the quality that he treasures even in those days he is able to get great breaks out of the hat.
 Good luck !!