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Author Topic: Internacional - Champion of Champions 2021 - Judd Trump vs John Higgins - November 21st, 2021  (Read 977 times)

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Internacional - Champion of Champions 2021 date: 21/11/2021  hour: 14:00
Judd Trump John Higgins
Tip John Higgins
Odds Stake 7/4 2
 Reasoning ...

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Champion of Champions Final.
 Judd Trump vs John Higgins.
 No. 2 against No. 7 in the world.
 Very juicy share. We consider Judd Trump lightweight favorite. He's coming from playing his best game in this tournament, but he had been quite erratic in time, in fact it was quite surprising to have him as a favorite in the bookmakers of all the tournaments and to see that his level was far from that of Selby / Higgins / Bingtao / Robertson. ...
 This tournament seems to have changed quite a bit. Trump is intractable, he comes from making 6-0 to Ryan Day and 6-0 to Kyren Wilson (by level of the rival, perhaps the second has more merit than the first). And therefore we understand that you can have him as a favorite, but of course a favorite? Not for me.
 Higgins has had a season of high performance, and this seems to me to be the best performance year of his career. Why not win the Champion of Champions?
 The truth is that he has lost several consecutive finals and we believe that he should win by now. He has given up on them, losing them in the decider (Northern Irish Open and England Open), a truly unfortunate matter for him.
 However, still there, erre que erre, playing a high performance Snooker.
 Is Trump the favorite? To take into account:
 1) He has a 9/10 partial in H2H in favor of Trump. Trump is a favorite.
 2) John Higgins has a better calendar year than Trump. Higgins favorite.
 3) John Higgins has had a better season (much better season) than Trump. Higgins favorite.
 4) In the tournament John Higgins has eliminated opponents of a higher category or better shape than Trump. Higgins favorite.
 5) Trump has eliminated his own with an abysmal solvency. Favorite Trump.
 Of course the premises speak of equality in terms of possibilities, but not the quotas.
 Let's go with Higgins and may he take that first trophy that he has been so deserving this season.