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Author Topic: Internacional - Northern Ireland Open 2019 - Ali Carter vs Robert Milkins - November 11th, 2019  (Read 90 times)

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Internacional - Northern Ireland Open 2019 date: 11/11/2019  hour: 11:00
Ali Carter Robert Milkins
Tip Win Ali Carter
Odds Stake 4/7 3
 Reasoning ...

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Good, we go with a pick about snooker, at the open northern ireland 2019, in which Ali Carter and Robert Milkins are going to face, I think that the victory by ranking and H2H should be for Ali Carter.
 As for the ranking there is quite a difference between these 2 players, while ali carter is ranked 17th in the world snooker ranking, robert milkins ranks 45th, 28th place difference in favor of ali carter, here we already have an advantage a priori in this pick.
 As for the streak of both players, the truth is that neither of them are fine, but much worse robert milkins than ali carter, in the last 5 games ali carter has won 2 and lost 3, while that his rival milkins has won 1 and lost 4.
 Finally the H2H, here also dominates ali carter with 4 wins and 1 lost match against milkins.
 07.01.15 CL Carter A. (Eng) Milkins R. (Eng) 3: 1
 06.01.14 CL Milkins R. (Eng) Carter A. (Eng) 0: 3
 25.01.13 SS Milkins R. ( Eng) Carter A. (Eng) 43: 30
 18.09.12 SM Carter A. (Eng) Milkins R. (Eng) 5: 4
 04.12.11 UKC Carter A. (Eng) Milkins R. (Eng) 6: 4
 There is not much more to add, the quota is not big the truth, but except surprise should win ali carter.