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Author Topic: Internacional - Gran Premio Mundial 2021 - Barry Hawkins vs Mark Selby - December 14th, 2021  (Read 7335 times)

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Internacional - Gran Premio Mundial 2021 date: 14/12/2021  hour: 14:00
Barry Hawkins Mark Selby
Tip Mark Selby win
Odds Stake 6/11 0.5
 Reasoning ...

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Interesting odds for this first round Grand Prix showdown.
 Quota that is due in large part to the few frames of the encounter and the improved level of the Hawkins Falcon.
 However, the number 1 in the world is Mark Selby, we all know that. And this year, which also influences the quota, the results are not going very well (although it cannot be said that he is playing badly, he sells his defeat dearly in all his games).
 We are confident he will not fall in the first round this time, and we believe that Mark intends to be in the final rounds of this last chance in 2021 to win a title.
 Regarding clashes between the two 17 wins for Hawkins 16 for Selby. Things are very even, but in general it has always depended a bit on the status of Selby, who is obviously a much better player than Barry, but who throughout his career has also had low hours.
 Good luck to whoever wants to follow her.
 We go with little because of the fact that a few frames in Snooker, regu regu ...