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Author Topic: Internacional - Open de Escocia 2021 - Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Li Hang - December 10th, 2021  (Read 3553 times)

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Internacional - Open de Escocia 2021 date: 10/12/2021  hour: 15:00
Ronnie O'Sullivan Li Hang
Tip Over 1.5 Hundreds
Odds Stake 6/5 0.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

Quarterfinals of the Scottish Open 2021.
 The Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan faces against Li Hang, an Asian that well, a priori should not pose a big problem for Ronnie's crazy head.
 We are going with the hundreds pick, taking advantage of the fact that the two come from making an under 0.5 hundreds in their eighth game (also in Li Hang's game, there were not directly hundreds).
 Increase the frames to play, being the best of 9, so there will be at least 5 frames (in the case of a 5-0 or 0-5) to get two hundreds, but knowing Ronnie who has usual disconnection points, he can give the odd frame to a Li Hang who is usually quite cheeky offensively. Perhaps how badly the Chinese defends can also benefit the rocket's high breaks.
 I wanted to look for Ronnie's over 0.5 hundred even if it was a low fee, but it is not available, the minimum is this and well, it is worth trying, since I assume that 1 hundred is taken out, you just have to see if they are somewhat thin to get the other one.
 Good luck to the one who follows her.

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Internacional - Open de Escocia 2021 date: 10/12/2021  hour: 13:00
Anthony McGill Stephen Maguire
Tip Stephen Maguire less than 0.5 hundreds
Odds Stake 2/3 1.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

Quarterfinal match between two Scots, on the one hand we have Stephen Maguire (world number 12) and on the other side Anthony McGill (world number 15).
 We return with the hundreds market, bet available in some bookies, we currently have the odds at 1.67 in Betfair, slightly less in MarathonBet 1.59 and 1.57 in Bet365.
 Match that will be the best of 9 frames, therefore the first to reach 5 reaches the semifinals, this time we are looking for the under 0.5 hundred of Maguire, or what is the same, that does not manage to make a break of 100 points or more.
 As always we already know that this type of market is quite capricious, but in terms of sensations and statistics we have the long term on our side.
 We have a total of 9 confrontations between both players, with 6 victories for McGill and 3 for Maguire, regarding our market we have very good numbers and it is that in only one game of those 9, Stephen Maguire managed to make 1 hundred, therefore 8/9 possible hits.
 Throughout this week, Maguire has won a total of 4 games, in which he has a total of 1 hundred, achieved in his 4-3 victory against Yuan Sijun, again favorable numbers in global terms with 3/4 .
 And as regards this season and to conclude, comment that Maguire has played a total of 23 games this season, with 14 wins, 8 losses and 1 draw, getting a total of 5 hundreds.
 Therefore and regardless of the final result, in global terms, we find ourselves with a value bet.
 We are going with a 1.5 stake.
 Greetings and good luck.