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Author Topic: Internacional - Open de Escocia 2021 - David Lilley vs Judd Trump - December 9th, 2021  (Read 3903 times)

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Internacional - Open de Escocia 2021 date: 09/12/2021  hour: 14:00
David Lilley Judd Trump
Tip David Lilley +3.5
Odds Stake 8/15 1.5
 Reasoning ...

This is an automatic translation from Spanish. Please check here the source tip

Match belonging to the second round of the Scottish Open, the Englishman Judd Trump will face against the Englishman David Lilley.
 Bet available in most bookies, odds almost traced to both Bet365, William Hill and Winamax.
 In order to get it right we need Lilley to get only one frame, that is, in a match that will be the best of 7 frames, the first to reach 4 goes to the next round, the following markers are worth us, 4-1; 4 -2; 4-3 favorable to Trump and obviously any victory for Lilley, therefore being the only marker that would make us lose the 4-0 favorable to Trump.
 At first it does not seem like a too complicated bet, perhaps the most negative aspect of it is that these two players have faced each other on a total of 4 occasions, with 2 hits and 2 misses, wins for Trump 6-0, 3-0, 4-1 and 6-1, precisely these last two defeats of Lilley in which he did manage to win at least one frame to Trump were last November in the Champion of Champions and the UK Championship, the main reason why the one that we tested this bet due to the proximity of his last confrontations.
 As always remembering the difficulty of betting, and not forgetting that this is about the long term, we therefore seek that Lilley manages to win at least one frame.
 We are going with a 1.5 stake.
 Greetings and good luck.