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Author Topic: Internacional - WST Pro Series 2021 - Hamim Hussain vs Ali Carter - March 10th, 2021  (Read 566 times)

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Internacional - WST Pro Series 2021 date: 10/03/2021  hour: 21:00
Hamim Hussain Ali Carter
Tip Group winner Ali Carter
Odds Stake 3/2 0.5
 Reasoning ...

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Good morning, today a new group of the WST series of snooker is disputed and as I said yesterday, they are very short matches where the superiority of the best is not so noticeable and where surprises can occur at any time ..
 It is for This means that today I trust again the best player in the running, to be able to finish the day as the winner of the group.
 Today, it is quite clear that Allister Carter is the highest level player of all those present and that under normal conditions he should be the group winner. We have him at 2.5 and I find it interesting to play for him. We also have the precedent of the previous league, where he reappeared after two months out of competition and where he was framed with top players, in which he performed a very good role and where we saw him perform wonderfully in a competition of these characteristics.
 The truth is that looking at the rest of the players that make up the group, it is difficult for me to see any that could be the alternative to Carter to occupy the first position of the group at the end of the day. As we saw yesterday, anything can happen and logic does not have to be fulfilled. Therefore, we go with stake 0.5 to odds 2.5 that if it goes well, it will leave us a good profit and if it does not, the losses would be minimal.
 If you put some interesting little thing, as happened yesterday with the Lines game, I will try to upload it in time so that you can take advantage of it.
 Good luck for it.