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Author Topic: Spain - Copa del Rey - SD Amorebieta vs Almeria - December 16th, 2021  (Read 985 times)

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Spain - Copa del Rey date: 16/12/2021  hour: 19:00
SD Amorebieta Almeria
Tip Almeria wins
Odds Stake 6/5 1.5
 Reasoning ...

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Copa del Rey match.
 Very interesting confrontation that puts the Almería Sports Union with the challenge of making up for what happened in Urritxe in the league match.
 I think it is interesting to take this quota for several reasons, which I am going to explain below:
 On the one hand, because I like to rely on what happened in previous rounds, especially when it helps me to predict otherwise. In this case, Almería had to go beyond 90 'against Aguilas and it ended up happening thanks to the penalty lottery, something that should not be repeated (although it could, it would not be normal).
 Taking into account that I take for granted the 90 'should be more than enough so that it is not repeated, I also think that the league victory in the last match between Amorebieta and Almería will not be repeated.
 Besides, the biggest incentive beyond my probabilistic logic (if this word exists) is the B team of each one.
 We are facing an Almería that has a large squad with many solutions, especially above, while the B-side of Amorebieta is more for a normal FIRST RFEF squad (something understandable, recently promoted tries to complete a convincing team but if it already has deficiencies in the 11th starter, on the bench I don't even tell you).
 Having said that, the simple Almería victory odds, which exceed 2, is a bet that must be thrown. It seems to me that there is a lot of difference in squads in this confrontation and that the stumbling block that usually occurs has already occurred with a penalty shoot-out in the little expected previous round.
 Good luck to the one who follows her