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Author Topic: Brazil - Florianopolis - Nicolas Barrientos vs Genaro Alberto Olivieri - December 10th, 2021  (Read 168 times)

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Brazil - Florianopolis date: 10/12/2021  hour: 16:30
Nicolas Barrientos Genaro Alberto Olivieri
2-6 4-6
Tip Genaro Alberto Olivieri wins
Odds Stake 9/10 0.5
 Reasoning ...

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This Florianopolis Challenger quarterfinal match.
 Nicolás Barrientos, already 34 years old, is a fairly limited player, who like many other players with a similar ranking, is taking advantage of the weakness of the entry lists at this end of the season to play higher level tournaments. Barrientos has overcome a simple preliminary phase and his final draw has not been anything of the other world, in the first round he decisively defeated a Ficovich who had just won a tournament just two days before, for which he accused fatigue and wear of the previous week. In 2R he beat a Villanueva who, like Barrientos, is not at all at the Challenger level.
 Facing Olivieri in clay conditions like the ones we have this week in Brazil is not easy. The Argentine has started to play Challengers tournaments more regularly in recent months and despite having had no luck in the draws, he usually shows his face. He comes from defeating a promising young man Pucinelli de Almeida in the second round, who is one of the best players in this box. The Argentine has spent several weeks threatening to make a great tournament and I think that this week he has an ideal opportunity.
 I think that, although Barrientos is in good shape, tomorrow's game will be a qualitative leap too big for a player with so many limits. For his part, Olivieri has a unique opportunity to score good points in order to put together a schedule more in line with his real level next season.
 Another aspect that makes me trust in Olivieti's victory is that Barrientos, at the minimum level that they raise his level a little in these tournaments, tends to suffer and show himself much inferior to his rivals, so tomorrow without a doubt, he can fall apart against a superior player.