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Author Topic: Brazil - Florianopolis - Pablo Cuevas vs Igor Ribeiro Marcondes - December 10th, 2021  (Read 262 times)

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Brazil - Florianopolis date: 10/12/2021  hour: 18:30
Pablo Cuevas Igor Ribeiro Marcondes
Tip Pablo Cuevas wins
Odds Stake 8/15 3
 Reasoning ...

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Hello, we are going with the victory of the Uruguayan tennis player Pablo Cuevas against an unknown Igor Ribeiro who is the Brazilian tennis player, I am very surprised by the odds, I think it should be around 1.25 in favor of a professional tennis player of Pablo's class Cuevas, on the other hand, no matter how well the Brazilian is playing, he is a tennis player in the ITF category and today he should lose against a tennis player who is an old dog on these slow courts.