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Author Topic: France - Limoges - Ankita Raina vs Caroline Garcia - December 13th, 2021  (Read 242 times)

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France - Limoges date: 13/12/2021  hour: 18:05
Ankita Raina Caroline Garcia
6-7 6-4 4-6
Tip Under (-) 19.5
Odds Stake 9/11 2
 Reasoning ...

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Third pick of this last part of the season. Penultimate WTA tournament, here in Limoges, France.
 Ankita Raina faces French Caroline García.
 Raina (not Reiner) has been, within the top 200, one of the most disappointing players of the season. If this is the case also next season, she will remain anchored to the ITF circuit, without a doubt.
 An 11/19 is her overall of the season, but the relevant fact is that she has only played, thus seeing a pot soon, against 4 players within the top110: Riske, Zhang, Parriza-Días and Minnen. The rest have been from position 150 up. That is to say, he has not had any complicated rivals at all, and even so his record is more than negative and from a scarce sample of matches.
 The indoor is not his favorite environment, far from it. He has played 20 games in total throughout his 12-year career for a 6/14 record. This year he has played 5 games translated into 4 losses (Di Giuseppe 6-3, 6-4; Riske 6-1 double; Nahimana 4-6, 6-1, 6-2 and Mallauri Noel last week in Angers 7-6 and 6-3) and 1 victory against Van Der Hoek 6-2, 6-1.
 Very short rivals except for Riske, which has had a more than discreet season.
 marked by an injury (it is discreet because in Linz he saved the season with the title, more than anything. If he had not won in Linz, he would have classified the season as quite bad).
 Caroline García's season has not been one to shoot rockets either, really. Although we cannot compare the rivals she has had to deal with, Caroline García has not had an easy year when deciding to break the professional relationship as a coach with her father to have Gabriel Urpí as a teacher (she trained our Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario and Conchita Martínez, in addition to Svitolina).
 The Frenchwoman's last tournament that will play relatively close to her place of residence. He did not have the obligation to participate in a WTA125, but if he has appeared here I do not think it is to make an appearance - and much less being a very minor tournament for which he has bothered to move from his house when he could have given for the season ended a month and a half ago. What's more, he had decided to play this tournament for a long time and expressing his enthusiasm to play in France again.
 Caroline is a versatile player who does well on all surfaces. Although they say it is hardcourter, for me it is not. It is not xcourter, it simply has a great capacity to adapt to all of them.
 A single participation in indoor this year, precisely in his place of residence, Lyon. Here he did not have a good result (loss in the second round with Golubic), but I also have to mention that there he was immersed in a spiral of guilt for wanting to leave at that time paths with his father, as he confessed in an interview with a media French.
 The one who was top10, despite her season, has much more tennis than her rival Raina, and even more so on the surface where the match is going to be played. Limoges will be a good evaluation to see if the training sessions with Urpí begin to bear fruit for the new season to come. Caroline Garcia's goals are clear, and being her last tournament of the season, she should give her all to see where she is. In that case, it should pass over india.
 Good luck to all and best regards.