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Author Topic: Italy - Forli 3 - Andrea Arnaboldi vs Luca Nardi - December 11th, 2021  (Read 220 times)

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Italy - Forli 3 date: 11/12/2021  hour: 17:30
Andrea Arnaboldi Luca Nardi
4-6 6-3 6-4
Tip Luca Nardi wins
Odds Stake 10/21 2
 Reasoning ...

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We are going with the victory of Luca Nardi, we are talking about a very young and promising boy, who has beaten Setkic and Vatutin and who played very well against Sachko. On the other hand, Arnaboldi I think it was easier than Nardi to get here, there is also a great age difference and the longer the game lasts, the more favorable it will be for Nardi, I do not see Andrea sentencing the game quickly nor is it a tennis player who has a great technique compared to Nardi to strike him down quickly, I think the game is to extend it as long as possible, that way Nardi's chances of winning will be greater.