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Author Topic: Italy - Forli 3 - Maxime Cressy vs Vitaliy Sachko - December 10th, 2021  (Read 256 times)

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Italy - Forli 3 date: 10/12/2021  hour: 13:30
Maxime Cressy Vitaliy Sachko
6-7 6-7
Tip Maxime Cressy wins
Odds Stake 4/11 0.5
 Reasoning ...

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Match between Maxime Cressy vs Sachko.
 I don't like to enter this type of quota ... but looking at the seasons of each one, I see a clear Stake 10. I would go with the 2-0 direct from Cressy .. but seeing the last confrontation, it throws me back.
 Cressy has 16 victories from the last 20 games. In the last 2 months he has reached 3 tournament finals, winning once at Forli 2 - same tournament as this one. Winning their 5 matches without conceding a single set (where they only broke their serve on 1 occasion in 5 matches). He is fully adapted to these tracks, since he has been training and playing for 2 weeks.
 In the last meeting between the two players, Cressy started asleep in the 1 set 0-6… and came back with two consecutive 6-1. In this tournament he has solved his 2 games well with 2-0 against Gigante and 2-0 against Sels. Losing your service in just 1 occasion.
 On the other hand, the young Ukrainian has had a season in which he has not managed to pass the quarter-finals in tournaments. This is going to be his last game of the season, and I don't see him very successful watching his games in this tournament - 2-1 against Capecchi and 2-1 against Erler. In both he was the top favorite, and he gave 1 set both times.
 As I say, the fee is not very good, but perfect to combine or hit hard.
 Good luck to all!