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Author Topic: Italy - Forli 3 - Pavel Kotov vs Andrea Arnaboldi - December 12th, 2021  (Read 184 times)

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Italy - Forli 3 date: 12/12/2021  hour: 17:00
Pavel Kotov Andrea Arnaboldi
6-4 6-3
Tip Pavel Kotov wins
Odds Stake 10/21 2
 Reasoning ...

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We are going with the victory for Kotov, we are going I am very convinced of it, that it cannot be Arnaboldi, for me he was very lucky to beat Nardi. Nardi did not play either to start the game and Arnaboldi's temperance was his main weapon. In addition, the young man played as if he would get married in a few hours.
 Kotov reaches the final much better and less tired than Arnaboldi, I insist the theme is to lengthen the points and the games, so that the sets are as heavy as possible, so if Arnaboldi in the hypothetical case of winning the first set, the will accuse the next two. I am very strong in favor of the Russian !!!.