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Author Topic: Turkey - Antalya 4 - Oleg Prihodko vs Evgeny Tyurnev - December 12th, 2021  (Read 231 times)

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Turkey - Antalya 4 date: 12/12/2021  hour: 09:00
Oleg Prihodko Evgeny Tyurnev
6-3 4-6 4-6
Tip Oleg Prihodko wins
Odds Stake 1/1 1
 Reasoning ...

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I'm on my mobile and I don't have much time to write this bet.
 It surprises me that no one has dared to take the Ukrainian's bet.
 - Oleg Prihodko knows what it's like to win in Turkey. Last week he won the ITF Antalya in doubles and arrives in very good shape and especially on clay. He has been on these tracks for a decent year with an ITF won in Georgia in individual mode and other high-level victories but I am not going to fool you, it is somewhat irregular.
 Reaches the final in Antalya in good shape, both for the doubles title and opponents eliminated in this tournament.
 vs Bonadio (2-0)
 vs Duck Hee Lee (2-0)
 vs Ilkel (2-1)
 vs Fonio (2-1)
 Except for the Korean, the three victories against Bonadio and Fonio are very good and against the local Ilkel more of the same.
 I really liked his dropouts and some uploads to the network.
 The most surprising thing is that he reaches the final as a Lucky Loser, that is, he lost the qualifying phase but entered the main draw due to a loss.
 - Evgeny Tyurnev knows what it's like to reach a Challenger final and win it. He did it in his country and leaving very good feelings but ... On hard surface, which is where he has the best records, he relies a lot on his serve, which on clay is not very important and this year on this surface he has played very little and without good results like now.
 The rivals he has had along the way are very weak, some with very few Challenger matches, others like Jecan, who is nothing to write home about, stole a set from him. Lazarov more of the same and today Fatic if he had not been injured, the Russian would not be here.
 He has left his rivals 33 break balls. A true exaggeration.
 In 4 games, he has almost committed 20 double faults. Their first serve percentage averages 59%. Our 75% player.
 Tennis is a sport sometimes, somewhat unpredictable. Therefore, we bet with head.
 Bet in moderation.
 Good luck!