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Author Topic: Campeonato Europeo - Femenino 25/09 - Alemania vs Azerbaiyán - September 25th, 2017  (Read 703 times)

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Campeonato Europeo - Femenino 25/09 date: 25/09/2017  hour: 16:00
Alemania Azerbaiyán
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Odds Stake 5/6 4
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Hello good evening. Last match of 1 stage that face the local azerbaiyan vs germany.
 I like the over game.
 Since the premises are practically classified. And Germany has the possibility of entering as a second. Since that post has poland.
 A priori by local and game I see stronger to the premises. But Germany will force him to enter
 Al repechaje. I see a match even and long.
 An even game and 4 sets would give us the green.
 Lucky to follow me