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Author Topic: España - Superliga 07/10 - CV Teruel vs Río Duero Soria - October 7th, 2017  (Read 663 times)

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España - Superliga 07/10 date: 07/10/2017  hour: 18:00
CV Teruel Río Duero Soria
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It begins the season in the Superliga of voley with a classic of the last years in the Plans between Teruel and Soria, perhaps the 2 provinces more nonsumed by the Spanish state.
 Teruel wants to return to the elite and will be sure up in the qualification, although I think a rung below Palma and Almeria. For this year he was reinforced with the ex Cajasol Jovanovic and Cabrera after the good season last and the bet of future of the national voley the opposite of 20 years Augusto Colito that has before him the opportunity to devote himself in the panorama of Spanish volleyball, having debuted already in the absolute selection. It is the natural relay of Osorio both in Teruelcôm in the selection.
 Soria celebrates its 30th anniversary in the Super League and will be back in the playoff fight with a veteran team, experienced Superleague players like Salvador, Sevillano and Salas. The signing of commented Gerard Osorio must give hierarchy in attack. Deficiencies in the network of the team of soria supplemented by a very good second line and effort and motivation.
 The beginnings of the league are usually more evenly matched because the teams are not completely combined by the numerous changes in the templates. Last week in Soria, San Saturio trophy for Teruel by a tight 2-3 in a match evenly. With this precedent of doing nothing, that is beginning of league and there is work to do in the teams and the competitive character of Soria I believe that it is a party that should go to 4 sets and to surpass of plenty the proposed line.