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Author Topic: España - Superliga 14/10 - Ibiza Voley vs CV Teruel - October 14th, 2017  (Read 720 times)

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España - Superliga 14/10 date: 14/10/2017  hour: 19:00
Ibiza Voley CV Teruel
Tip Ghana Teruel
Odds Stake 13/18 2
 Reasoning ...

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Although I did not see Teruel very fine last week against Soria, I think he has to win on Ibiza's court in this day 2 of the superlide of Voley.
 The team of Turolense has to refine a lot especially in the combinations with the opposite Colito, a lad that must go to more as advance the competition to take the weight of Teruel in attack. Ereu and Radunovic were the ones who kept Teruel afloat in a very even match. If Colito contributes how he is expected today and fine tune the serve (21 errors of serve the other day, almost a set) should win in Ibiza this afternoon. Bugalló remains huge on the net and the team reception is solid. If Colito's chip fits the team should play better than it did last Saturday.
 Ibiza is not a bad team, in fact he scratched a set last week at the house of almighty Palma and took another to the extra points. I think Palma played tran tran and he still has to fit Da Silva and Ronchi to fill the exits of Fran Ruiz and Andrés Villena, which are bigger words. Ibiza had a good season last year but the squad for this year is completely new. He has to adjust still in reception and be able to play more in the short so that the wings do not carry the full weight of the attack. He is a strong defensive team with Biliato Rodriguez, Del Carmen and Biliato signed this year to bring reception and attack.
 I have to go with Teruel, a team that is strong and experienced and has to adjust the opposite piece against a good Ibiza that needs time to stabilize the rotation.