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Author Topic: Suecia - Eliteserien 09/11 - Södertelge vs Tierp - November 9th, 2017  (Read 546 times)

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Suecia - Eliteserien 09/11 date: 09/11/2017  hour: 19:00
Södertelge Tierp
Tip VBK Tierp
Odds Stake 8/7 4
 Reasoning ...

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I change the registration completely to give a little rest since the handball results are not coming out at all as expected and I'm going with the vaoleibol.
 They face in the Swedish Elitserien the Södertelgeante the VBK Tierp, a priori quite equal teams that are struggling to obtain the best position of the middle places of this Elitsetin.
 Södertelge has one game less and one more victory than his rival, maybe because of this and because he plays at home he comes out with so much advantage over his rival but in fact the three games he has won has been against the "Cinderellas" of the league, that is to say before the Lunds and before the Vingaker two matches, teams that Tierp has also managed to win, although everything has to be said while Södertelge has achieved the win in their matches without conceding a single set to these teams Tierp has suffered and has held two sets before each team, but this does not mean that Tierp can achieve victory or at least not lose more than 1 set this game, I think Tierp will make at least 2 sets as he has been doing in his last direct confrontations:
 15.02.17 Sodertelge Tierp 1: 3
 29.01.17 Tierp Sodertelge 3: 1
 24.11.16 Tierp Sodertelge 3: 2
 02.11.16 Sodertelge Tierp 3: 2
 17.02.16 Sodertelge Tierp 0: 3 2 009a01a10 23.01.16 Tierp Sodertelge 3: 0
 We observe how Tierp has managed to win in five of the last six direct confrontations that have taken place in the past and most recent seasons. And the only lost I finish 2-3 against him, that is to say the handicap sañlio in that match also
 I was going to enter the victory but it is certain that Tierp's state of form offers some doubts, besides the handicap of the camo favorable to Sodertelge, but I think Tierp will manage to make at least two sets to his rival and although he has obtained worse results against weaker rivals but he has managed to withstand the pressure at critical moments to sacra the match ahead, something that his opponent does not know if he will be in disposition to be able to perform, this is why I'm going with Tierp to win or lose npo loses for more than 1 set.