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Cookies Policy

1.What are cookies and why do we use them on our Nexus Asesores & Consultores SL websites?

Cookies are small files which are stored in a user’s computer when accessing certain websites. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer.

Nexus Asesores & Consultores SL use them to customize the experience for every client, and to identify and remember every registered user. This makes browsing easier. It’s important to mention that cookies don’t provide any personal information whatsoever. Every user remains anonymous to Nexus Asesores & Consultores SL.

Every browser has the option to disable cookies, if you choose this option you will be able to access all of our services in a normal way but customization of the experience will not apply.

If you would like to have more information on cookies, you may go to Wikipedia:

2.What kind of cookies do we use in Nexus Asesores & Consultores SL?

Cookies, can be divided into two sub-categories: Session cookies or Persistent cookies. The former expire as soon the user closes the browser window. The latter only expire when their purpose is met (an example of those cookies are the ones that allow you to log-in automatically when you visit a web, like the ones we use at Nexus Asesores & Consultores SL) or when you delete them manually.

Additionally: Depending on their purpose, cookies can also be divided into further sub-categories:

Performance cookies: These type of cookies remember your personal preferences for determined tools included in some services, this way there’s no need to re-configure each tool every time you access the web. This includes:

  • a. The volume level in video or sound players.
  • b. The streaming speed supported by your browser.

Geolocation cookies: They are used to acknowledge the country that is accessing our webs or services. These cookies are completely anonymous and are only used to adequate the contents to the requesting location.

Sign-up cookies: Sign-up cookies are generated after registering on a new website or after logging-in, they are used to identify your user in our webs and services for the following purposes:

  • a. To identify and remember your user and your credentials allowing you to log-in automatically every time you visit a website. This means if you close your browser or turn off your device and then access our site again, you will remain logged in. This is used to save time. This function however can be reset by clicking ‘log-out’, this way the cookies are deleted and next time you visit our webs you will have to introduce your credentials again to log-in.
  • b. To identify if the user is authorized to access determined sections or services, for instance, taking part in a contest.

Additionally, some services might include some third-party cookies such as Facebook, Twitter or Google. When you register on a website or service by using your Social Network profiles or you log-in via a third party log-in service, you agree to have a persistent cookie stored in your device which remembers your credentials and grants your access to the site until it expires. You can manage these options in the settings section of your chosen Social Network.

Analysis cookies: Every time you visit a web or service, an external provider (Google Analytics, ComScore or similar) generate an analysis cookie in your device. This cookie is only generated when you visit a site. It will help us identify your user when you access our Nexus Asesores & Consultores websites. The main purpose of this cookie are:

  • a. To allow the anonymous identification of every user (the cookie identifies browsers and devices, but not the identity of its user) and to keep a record of the approximate number of users at that time and how long they stay.
  • b. To anonymously identify which of our contents are the most visited and hence, more appealing to our users.
  • c. To anonymously identify between regular users and new users.

Important: Unless a user decides to register in one of our Nexus Asesores & Consultores SL webs, the aforementioned cookie will never be linked to any kind of personal information. These cookies will only be used for statistical purposes to help us optimize your experience.

You can find more information about the privacy policy of these analysis tools on: Google Analytics.

Publicity cookies: This type of cookies are used to expand the information of the ads shown to every anonymous user on our Nexus Asesores & Consultores SL websites. They include information about the frequency or amount of time one dedicates to these ads, if one interacts with them, one's browsing patterns or one's general behaviour on the internet to help create a customized experience. This means you will only be shown ads that might match your interests.

To manage publicity at Nexus Asesores & Consultores SL, we use some third-party publicity service tools. These third-parties might store cookies sent via our Nexus Asesores & Consultores SL websites coming from every user’s browser an access the data stored in them.

Companies that generate these cookies have their own Privacy Policies.

3.How can I disable the cookies on my browser?

Most browsers allow you to accept or decline cookies. They even give you the option to choose which type of cookies are acceptable and which are not. This preference can usually be found under ‘options’ or ‘settings’.

Here you can find the instructions to manage cookies for each of the main browsers.



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